Gods of Avamast

God of the Sun

Worshipped by the Nah-watl, not really preached outside of the Wilde Plains

Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Sun, Water, Plants, Repose
Favored weapon: Wooden quarterstaff
Favored animal: Eagle

God of Vampires

For the misanthropic and vain race of vampires there are few things greater than vampirism. Legend among the vampires and their ilk states that the very first true vampire, the progenitor of their species, still lives. Dracula has amassed incredible power over the centuries and ascended to godhood though he has slumbered through recent history.

Alignment: N/E
Domains: Artifice, Charm, Murder, Evil, Blood.
Favored Weapon: Fang, Rapier.
Favored Animal: Bat

God of Change

The Nereids worship the god of change, Emyax. Though his avatar (and thus physical connection to the material plane) was destroyed, his followers are devoted to the cause of constant evolution for all the peoples of Avamast.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Water, Air, Chaos, Weather
Favored Weapon: Spear
Favored Animal: Orca

Jack Skellington
God of Halloween

Worshiped by the undead of Halloween Town

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Chaos, Death, Evil, Madness
Favored Weapon: unknown
Favored Animal: undead dog, Zero

God of Life

The residents of Kara-Fen, most especially her children the Karven know well to bow before this massive and seemingly immortal T-Rex. Kargill brings life, the all important spark of sentience, and joyful transformation to the peoples of the swamp.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Healing, Protection, Knowledge, Scalykind.
Favored Weapon: Debate.
Favored Animal: Reptiles.

God of Dwarves

Worshiped by German Dwarves, Muta-Dwarf-Ents, and Goblins

Alignment: N/N
Domains: Glory, Earth, Knowledge, Protection
Favored weapon: Club
Favored Animal: who knows

God of Demons

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, evil, madness, trickery
Favored weapon: Touch spells
Favored animal: Crow

Mare Desiderii
God of the Moon

For the Lupines the light of the moon is a treasured resource for the eternal hunt. Howls of adulation can be heard deep into the night as a love song from Lupine worshippers to the spirit of the moon. The Lupine belief states that the moon gets it’s silver color from vast stampedes of pure white horses. Each horse is said to have healing power which allows one to eat their fill of meat yet the horse recovers to be hunted the next day. These mares are delicious prey, hunting companions, and satisfying mates and they are ruled by Mare Desiderii the dreaming queen.

Alignment: N/G deity with N/E followers.
Domains: Animal, Lust, Darkness, Healing, Liberation.
Favored Weapon: Claws.
Favored Animal: Wolves, Horses.

God of Vermin

The small creatures of Avamast, those who would be called Vermin today, have been around long before the sentient races. Nock holds these creatures dear, and acts in whatever way benefits them. To this extent, war and trade are his primary domains among sentient beings as they help move his beloved creatures about the world.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Trade, War, Travel, Vermin
Favoured Weapon: Poison
Favored Animal: Creatures of the Vermin Subtype

God of Nature

The satyrs, refugee of the rolling hills, have evolved from an advancing cycle of predator and prey. With the Satyrs connection to nature and propensity for druidry the importance of the cycle of predator and prey has been exemplified and personified in Oestre. Portrayed most commonly as a combination of a bear and a rabbit with a bloodstained face.

Alignment: N/N
Domains: Animal, Death, Weather, Strength.
Favored Weapons: Natural weapons.
Favored Animal: Many, mammals specifically, predators and prey especially. Goats, Sheep, Wolves, Rabbits, Bears.

Perpetual Motion
Concept of Reality

More of a concept than a true deity the Autons revere the advance of technology above all and the idea of a machine which can run perpetually with no need of outside fuel is the penultimate goal and ideal of that aim.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Law, Knowledge.
Favored Weapon: Firearms?
Favored Animal: Tardigrades.

God of Machines

Singularity is a dark god who is feared and respected by the Warforged, Singularity represents the day that soon approaches where the advancing technology of the Warforged armor will make the organic components unnecessary and obsolete. In the wake of Singularity all organic life on Avamast will soon be destroyed and replaced with technological life.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Artifice, Destruction, War, Chaos.
Favored Weapon: Firearms?
Favored Animal: Mantis Shrimp.

Gods of Avamast

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