The Nameless

Location: Necropolis
Composition: Human necromancers ascended to Lichdom. Various artists at the top of their field, converted to Undead to pursue their crafts.
Purpose: Hedonism
Alignment: Lawful Evil

United Salesmen

Location: Kankdus, Camnock, Khalnock
Composition: Cosmopolitan. Humans, dwarves, elves, karven.
Purpose: Encourage globalisation of trade. A ship in every port!
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Blue Sails

Location: Throughout Sea of Dread, especially the archipelago
Composition: Various, mainly Sea Elf fighters, rogues, rangers, pirates, sailors
Purpose: Mercenary group… make money, sway world power through deals
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Followers of Nomana

Location: Wilde Plains
Composition: Human, but some various, druids, rangers, and barbarians, occasional oracle or sorcerer
Purpose: Protect the plains from invaders, occasionally raiding neighbors to keep them in check. Ishmael-type culture.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Sons of Waygrove

Location: Waygrove
Composition: Very young High Elves of various classes
Purpose: Overthrow the ruling Nock party
Alignment: Neutral Good

Red Kreen

Location: Glassport
Composition: Kraw-Theen
Purpose: Open the northern lands, their home, up to trade and exploration.


Location: Kara-fen, wherever a war is being fought
Composition: Highly trained Karven, Naga, and Hobgoblin scientists and healers
Purpose: Traveling army of Karven doctors (protected by militant Naga and supplied by Hobgoblin technology) Large units serve on battlefields, Small units travel the world, most medical practitioners on the taint are recognized by M.A.S.H.
Alignment: Very Lawful Suspiciously Good

Warforged Mercenaries

Location: Elijah
Composition: Warforged, exiles and oddities of other races,
Purpose: The life of a Warforged is a constant cycle of replacing and upgrading parts. Parts cost money. Bounty hunting, thieving, assassination, demolitions, contracting, any work that someone would pay to have done. Mercenaries of other races may not need parts but everybody needs money.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil with great variation.


Location: Kara-fen
Composition: Peaceful Warforged
Purpose: Efficiency is the watchword for these pacifistic war forged. Their work as engineers brings technology and hygiene to the world while they strive towards the ultimate goal of perpetual motion.
Alignment: Mechanically Lawful/ Neutral


Location: Raystone
Composition: Nereids
Purpose: A group of exotic pet fanciers, Spider-Singers rear orb-weaver spiders which construct air-tight orbs which enable them to live underwater. These spiders are known for plucking the strings of their orbs in such a way that it creates what many consider a beautiful, if morose, melody.
Alignment: Any

Midnight Sons

Location: Nearly every city, operating across Avamast
Composition: Vampires and Lupines, Adventurers, Monster hunters, Monsters.
Purpose: First ever Adventurer’s Guild. Established to use the powers of darkness to defeat darkness. Dungeon sieging.
Alignment: Chaotic Precariously Good

Royalists and Conscripts

Location: Trade Marches
Composition: Royal high elves, untrained members of various races
Purpose: Liberate Waygrove, be in charge of everybody, be assholish
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Ghost Hunters

Location: Glendon, throughout Marches, Blade Mountains (?)
Composition: German Dwarves, some of various races permaybehaps (?)
Purpose: Inspect haunted ruins, take data on any presences, report to Glendon (?)
Alignment: Neutral Neutral

Science Investigators

Location: Glendon and all over Avamast (they travel)
Composition: German dwarves
Purpose: Investigate science to create new technology for their people
Alignment: Neutral Neutral

Gringotts Money-Takers

Location: Ragnuk
Composition: Goblins
Purpose: Provide banking services to the goblins and perhaps avamast eventually
Alignment: Neutral Neutral

Samhain Invokers

Location: Halloween town
Composition: Residents of Halloween Town
Purpose: Help Avamast celebrate Halloween (or at least H-town)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Ruthless Archers

Location: The Forest of Gloom and Doom
Composition: Centaurs
Purpose: Hunt down the Slender Man
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


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