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Spent some time carefully putting together the people and places you will find in Kara Fen. Here’s some hints of what I have planned…

Assassination in Fen Enka

Excerpt from The Fen Enka Sentinel:

Assassination in Fen Enka

12 First Bloom, 1231

Around midday near the northern district of Fen Enka, the well-known oracle Soeul was brutally murdered, as well as Captain Rikker, son of the admiral of the Golden Company, a peace-making group. The assailants are believed to be a group of five adventurers who quickly left the city.

Additionally, another unidentified body was found: an individual frozen solid by sorcerous magics. All three bodies were looted of valuables and desecrated. Investigators noted the signs of Autan feeding activity based on blood spatter analysis and this may point to Soeul’s unnamed bodyguard, who was believed to have joined the adventurers.

On the presence of a large number of dead rats in the district investigators had no comment, except to suggest that the adventurers were probably “particularly sadistic.”

The loss of Soeul cannot be understated, as he made numerous predictions that his death would bring disaster to the people of Fen Enka. The mayor has agreed to call for reinforcements from Kata’gan, including some mercenary groups at great expense.

A date has been set for a group ceremony for those lost on the 15th of First Bloom at dusk. All are welcome to attend the wake and burial. Several high-ranking members of the Golden Company have already pledged an appearance.

The party just began getting settled in to Fen Enka, having turned in a major quest item for vague promises of a ghost army and 10,000 GP to spread around, when M’kk confessed that he would be leaving the group to take care of Dardunelles and continue his studies independently.

While taking care of business around town, the party members stumbled on several important quests that seem to take them in the same direction. Odeon was requested to help smuggle goods into a besieged castle, Kasperskie discovered her “friend” from home had been last seen entering a dangerous dungeon crawl, Elise heard a tall tale from a very short man about a steel dragon, and Ferrit aspired to construct a new magical belt.

Shit hit the fan when, while trying to gather information on the necromancers’ plans from an oracle named Soeul, an assassin attacked the future-teller before running off. The party managed to take the assassin down, but not before Soeul expired, Ferrit accidentally summoned a Rat King, and Odeon was very seriously injured.

Fortunately, after the Rat King was dispatched and Odeon’s body restored, the party found a new friend in a nameless Warforged mercenary guarding Soeul. Together, the group headed out to the north just as the friendly guards of Fen Enka stumbled upon the grisly scene.

Loot and XP gained from the session: 5200 XP
Magical Crossbow
Magical Studded Leather Armor
Magical Blowpipe
Magical Chain Shirt
One dose of very potent poison


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