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Any character in the party can come to Dardunelles for enchantment services (or send equipment to be enchanted by him through post/spells)

+1 Enchantments

Any armor can be enchanted for 1000 GP
Any weapon can be enchanted for 2000 GP

Wonderous Items

Any wonderous item can be created by Dardunelles for 1/2 the standard price, assuming you acquire the necessary raw materials as specified by the GM.


Magic items can be “destroyed” to create new magic items or enchant. Take the value of the item to be destroyed and divide that number by two. This is the amount that can be subtracted from the cost of the new magic item or enchantment.

Time Taken

Regardless of the magical item, it takes 1 day per 1000 GP of the final market price to create or enchant an item. Less than 1000 GP takes eight hours, or one long rest.



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