We’re a fairly casual Pathfinder group based on a homebrew world called Avamast created by five experienced tabletop players.

THE GOOD GUYS (played by the players) represent the various races and factions of Avamast and embark on a quest to save the world (and its various races) from becoming enslaved (and/or destroyed) by the bad guys.

THE BAD GUYS are necromancers who want to take over Avamast with their zombie hordes. The game begins as they take their first steps into conquering the world.

THE UGLY GUYS include the strange Kraw-theen, the Halloween loving Samhain Invokers, the deadly denizens of the Cube of Zack, and the mysterious Us cult, among many, many others.

We meet Sundays bi-weekly from 2-5pm. Join us!

Avamast Pathfinder

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